Cosy Toes loves merino, wool, sheep, farming, family
and living in rural New Zealand.

This page will be dedicated to all of these subjects and more.
We welcome your comments and feedback on all these articles.
The Story of Cosy Toes - a look at why
Cosy Toes began and the journey so far.
Baby Layette - here is the list to help you get started with a new baby.
A Perfect Gift - a NZ Wool Blanket Cosy Toes on You Tube
Wool in Cold and Warm Conditions How to Make The Next 12 Months Your
Best Year Ever.
Development of Sheep Farming in New Zealand A Merino Is A Breed Of Sheep
LOOK Book The Christmas Country Fete
Christmas Gift Ideas Continually Connected - Why it's important to limit your children's gadget time.

Wool Education in New Zealand

Baby Tips & Advice

Should I Swaddle or Wrap My Baby? How To Keep Your Baby Warm.
Baby Sleep Tips Using Merino Wool. Why merino socks are best for baby's feet.
The Importance of Keeping Baby Warm. Morning Sickness - 10 Tips to Help You Cope

Helpful Merino Sock & Clothing Information

Health socks for adults. Wool and The History of Baby Clothing
Great socks versus bad socks 10 Tips to Stop You Losing Socks
What's All The Fuss About Merino?  
Merino Cotton Clothing What Does a Micron of Wool Mean?
Technical Sock Information Merino Wool Sport Socks
Lanolin Skincare Information Noble Wilde - A new clothing range
10 Tips To Keep Your Merino Looking New Merino Kids.
Tough Merino Wool Work Socks  

Cosy Toes & The Campaign for Wool.

What is The Campaign for Wool? The Campaign for Wool - News.

Wool Week UK. Wool School.

Wool Businesses of Interest.

The Dog Coat Company
Stansborough - farm and wool mill
Skeinz - from farm to yarn

Foot Health.

Keeping Your Feet Warm - helpful tips for when you struggle to keep your feet warm.

Winter Warming Recipes from New Zealand

Ginger Crunch Jam Steam Puddings
Nana's Farm-style Tomato Sauce Chocolate Sauce recipe - Our Easter gift to you. This recipe is really easy and you'll love it.
Apple Shortcake ANZAC Biscuits

Fun Customer Feedback

Posh Socks

Cosy Toes Fun Stuff

Christmas Decorations - Made from wool.
Free Merino Hand Warmers Knitting Pattern.
How To Make a Chunky Knit Wool Blanket.
Donald Trump Socks

Cosy Toes Helping the Community.

Women Living in Rural New Zealand.

Here you can read my view of being a rural woman living in New Zealand as well as many other stories put together by friends of Cosy Toes. Thank you ladies! What an amazing bunch you are.

Rural New Zealand Wonder Women

Cows, Sheep, Dogs and Chicken’s to Feed,
by Raewyn.
Rural Living is Great for Boys, by Amanda.
Hectic but Fun, by Kara. Taking the Baby to Work, by Jaimee
The Best of Both Worlds, by Elaine. Possum Trapping and Cups of Tea, by Sharleen.
Sharing the Work and the Baby, by Margot. Home Business and Farming, by Angela
OK it’s Not Quiet, by Megan Female Farming Partner, by Gill
A Privilege To Live Here, by Alex