Hectic But Fun

Living in Rural NZ is very hectic but a great deal of fun. There is always something to do so I never hear from the kids I am bored. The community often revolves around the Playcentre, School, Sports Groups and Churches. Everyone pretty much knows everyone and everyone helps out when needed. I recently had a baby three and half weeks premature. As I was stuck in Christchurch hospital for nearly a week it was difficult for my husband to travel the 2.5 hours from the farm to the hospital and feed out, feed the dogs etc. One of our neighbours feed the dogs for us and helped my husband out with some of the farm duties. When I arrived home from the hospital I was sent home by one of my rural friends with dinner so I didn't have to cook the first night. The second night the neighbour cooked us a lovely chicken pasta dinner with special dinosaur pasta for the kids so I didn't have to cook either. She also arrived with some baking that lasted the entire week. One of the other neighbours arrived a few weeks later with more baking so I was truly spoiled. With one kid at school and a 3.5 year old the first few weeks home would have been much more challenging without the support of the rural community. The 3.5 year old was dropped back from playcentre for me and if I was late for bus pick up another neighbour stayed with my 5 year old until I got there. Friends from Playcentre have looked after my children when I have had appointments. I was inundated with handme down baby clothes so much so I have actually passed on clothes to two other pregnant women. I also received numerous baby presents from people I had met but didn’t know really well. I recently shifted from Amberley to Waiau and was totally shocked by the whole community spirit here in Waiau. I lived in Amberley for over 10 years and no one really noticed when we shifted apart from 1 neighbour and a couple of friends. The rural delivery service is awesome most of my shopping is completed online and delivered to my mailbox or the local hardware store if a courier.

Currently I am firstly a Mum to 3 kids, then wife, accountant for my husband’s contracting and farm business, treasurer for playcentre, garden coordinator for my son’s school and lastly part time farm worker.

By Kara



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