Merino Cotton Clothing

If you are looking for a type of clothing to wear in between winter and spring a blend of merino cotton might be what you are wanting. The fabric is made from 50% cotton and 50% merino yarn.

Merino cotton has a much softer feel than 100% cotton fabric so is comfortable to wear and soft to touch. But at the same time also contains all the good qualities that merino brings to a garment. Merino cotton blend clothing is lightweight, very easy care wash and wear. With the merino in the garment it allows more stretch than a 100% cotton garment would.

Merino cotton clothing is an affordable option but still offers the same quality being made in New Zealand.

Merino cotton clothing for babies. Cosy-Toes-merino-cotton-bodysuit

A merino cotton blend onesie for baby with short sleeves that dome up between the legs is great for back warmth. They have an envelope neck opening so there is plenty of room to get it over the baby’s head.

Merino cotton clothing for kids. Cosy-Toes-merino-cotton-childrens-clothing-s(copy)

A merino cotton t.shirt for kids can be worn on their own as a top layer or underneath clothing as an extra layer of warmth. They are a styley and comfortable t.shirt.

Merino cotton clothing for women.

They are also a blend of 50% cotton and 50% merino making them a nice soft t.shirt to wear for women. A nice base-layer or worn alone.

Baby Onesie
Kids T.shirt
Women's T.shirt