The Best of Both Worlds

Living in rural NZ, I think it's a great lifestyle, you get the best of both worlds with being able to be in the country and 'away from the rat race' but close enough (well, certainly for us) to tap into what towns/cities have to offer.  Lovely to come home to genuine peace and quiet.  Fast Internet access gives us connection to the wider world on those days we can't get off the farm including social networking, skype, emails, banking, news, and let us not forget shopping ;)  LOL. 

It makes me very happy to know that my daughter is growing up on a farm, she is exposed to so much purely because she gets involved with what we do, and again, she has the best of both worlds in that way.  I think we are lucky because we live rurally but can easily tap into the city, not so easy the other way around.
Great 'neighbours' (in the rural sense, i.e. Some may be 10kms away!) who you know will always be there for you if you need help in any way shape or form.

I used to work full time off farm but now I am a full time farm helper/mum, so I spend my time helping with the day to day farm jobs (feeding out in winter, moving stock, helping in the sheep yards, at docking etc) or sorting out the office paper work as well as car-pooling kids into town for school.

By Elaine.



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