Sharing the Work and the Baby

I think the main advantage about living in a rural community, is you are more aware of your neighbours and their needs. We recently had our first baby and had people offering to help on the farm, dropping off baking and gifts for our little girl and countless offers for babysitting!

We think raising kids in a rural setting is much healthier for the children, they will be more inclined to play outside or even help on the farm, than sit inside with playstation or internet and exposed to the media. We also think they will have a better idea of what their parents do and how hard they work.

This is also our first year share milking, so my partner and I give each other a break, I go out on the farm and he comes home with the baby, or I put the front pack on and head out and do fences or tractor work. We wouldn't be able to do this if we were not farming.

By Margot



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