OK - It's Not Quiet

Don't let them fool you that it is quiet.  We live next to a really busy road.  We have trucks and cechiles going past all the time.  We live relatively close to town and with the major road works (SH1 Waikato expressway) I live closer to traffic lights than my sisters who are in Auckland and Wellington.

I like having space.  I like that my kids can come home and throw a ball around without damaging neighbours property (ours is open season) and that if they are having a melt down because I am the only mother on the planet that does not let a 3 yr old play angry birds - then there are no neighbours to worry about

I do all the contracts for our farm staff and the administration (paying bills, tax. etc); stock reconciliation and odd jobs.  My husband works with two others who are full time employees of ours on a 500 cow share milking job.

I work off farm occasionally doing some business coaching and management consultancy
My major role is that of Mum to 7 and 3 yr olds - and fund raiser for the local school.  that has turned into a 20 hr a week role - at least until December this year
This term I have been chauffer to Ballet 1/wk; Hockey 2/wk; and swimming 1/wk for our daughter but that is going to be curbed next term.

By Megan



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