Tough Merino Wool Work Socks

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My husband has always complained about his old socks - he's a contractor and farmer. I've heard it from others too. Socks slipping down the leg and in the boots. This seems to be the main complaint. I see these socks he once wore frequently in shops that sell socks for convenience sake. In multi-packs and labelled, "work socks". A bloke might be buying a hammer or a packet of weetbix but then conveniently down the same isle as the hammer or the weetbix in a bin is a bulk lot of socks ready to go in the trolley also!

So, me being the owner of this sock shop, I've done some investigating to find out where the best merino wool work socks are! I explained to my New Zealand manufacturer that I didn't want to stock just any type of work sock. I wanted to stock the best! He straight away knew what I was wanting and here they are, the best work socks in the world!

My husband doesn't complain anymore about his socks. He actually steals them from me and when we have friends over he gives them away to his mates! I don't mind because I would rather they had the best socks too. Now my 2 boys are growing up, they are fitting the smallest size, (M). So every time I wash their socks there is usually a fight over whose socks are whose. And that includes their father! My boys love them too!

The other good thing about these socks is that they are super comfortable because they have a terry lining in the inside. This means there are cushioned loops on the inside of the sock. And did I mention they are warm because they are made from merino wool? They won't slip down in your boots.

I promise these will be the best, most hard-wearing socks you will ever own and you'll be like me and look at those "bulk" socks in the shops and shake your head in dis-belief!

I will personally guarantee them and so will my husband!

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Tracey Topp (owner of Cosy Toes )