The Dog Coat Company

Living in Christchurch has not been easy in recent years.  However, there is nowhere else we would rather live.  Whilst the human residents are focused on re-building their lives, the needs of our dear animal friends can be overlooked.  This prompted two Christchurch dog lovers to launch The Dog Coat Company.  It all began when an elderly Dalmatian, Poppy, developed a severe anxiety response to the numerous aftershocks.

Becky Hadfield (a Qualified Animal Naturopath and Vet Nurse, with a ‘Natural Animal Health Clinic’ in central CHCH), together with her close friend, Dr. Jo Harris (a Medic with a wealth of experience in the field of Autism and anxiety) designed the merino ‘Canine Calm Coat’- a natural, drug free tool, used to reduce anxiety in dogs. This patented compression garment has helped many post earthquake stressed dogs but can be used to alleviate any form of canine anxiety. 

Since it’s therapeutic beginnings, The Dog Coat Company has now expanded its range of coats, specialising in high quality woollen coats for dogs.  They use NZ wool and professional local manufacturing. The coats are proudly designed and made in Christchurch and the business is working with ‘The Campaign for Wool’ and ‘Buy NZ Made’ to promote one of New Zealand’s beautiful natural resources.
We always endeavour to keep our ‘carbon pawprint’ low.  We are proud to buy locally, currently sourcing our Merino from south island sheep; and by using a Christchurch clothing manufacturer we are able to ethically produce our range of boutique woollen dog coats whilst supporting the Christchurch business community.
Five Top Tips
  1. Keep it local!  Buy NZ Made. The Dog Coat Company coats are made in Christchurch, from NZ wool where possible.
  2. You never regret buying quality and our woollen dog coats are a little bit of affordable luxury for your dog.
  3.  Take care of your beloved four-legged friend.  Whether it’s ageing, arthritis, stress or simply feeling the cold, there are lots of times when a woolly coat is essential.
  4. Natural stress relief- We expect a lot of our dogs in today’s hectic world.  Support a sensitive or anxious dog with a Canine Calm Coat.
  5. Always be stylish, even if you have four legs, we believe dogs would choose our coats, as they are warm, comfortable and allow the skin to breathe, and the body to move.
Cosy Toes The Dog Coat Company
Although Cosy Toes doesn't sell these dog coats we sell a quality selection of warm merino socks to keep your feet warm while you are out walking your dog.