Taking the Baby to Work

What I love about living in rural NZ is the community. We live in a very close knit community where everyone knows everyone and we all call on each other for help and support when needed. Having grown up in a city but moved to the country with my husband who always grew up rurally I find that it’s a very social lifestyle. We all work very hard but we also play hard as well, there is always some sort of social event....whether it be a pot luck tea at the neighbours or girls afternoon, or fundraiser ball...there is always a good chance to catch up with the other people in the community. We have a 9 month old son and I think a farm is a great place to bring up children as they can be involved in the everyday work....what job can you find where you can take your children with you to work?????

We have a 9 month old son who takes up most of my time, we go to playgroups and coffee groups 3 times a week. We are dairy farmers so I also help on the farm feeding calves and milking cows etc. Love it because our wee boy just comes with me in the backpack. I am also a beauty therapist so I have a small client base which I do from home...as well as cooking cleaning all the other housewife duties makes for a very busy life :)

By Jaimee



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