Sock Manufacturing Information

Your Cosy Toes merino sock technology(copy) feet will say thank you at the end of a long day if you look out for some of these great technical features in manufacturing a sock.
Sometimes our socks will be described with these features and here is what these technical terms mean.

Reinforced sole:

We double the yarn in the sole, heel and sole. This aids comfort and helps prevent fatigue, as well as increasing durability.

Y heel:

We alter the knitting cycle to make the heel pouch bigger. The bigger the heel, the better the chance the socks will not slip down.

Linked toe:

This means no toe seam. Our latest plant does this automatically, meaning no more irritating sewing seams over your toes.

Terry loops:

Just like your bath towel, our machines can make loops on the inside of the sock, making it thicker and much more comfortable.

Leg and arch support:

We add elastic in these areas to give more support and keep the sock in place.


This means the sock is treated to kill bacteria that cause foot odour and other foot problems.