Merino Socks Are Best For Baby Feet

An endorsement for why merino socks are best for baby feet.

Developmentally socks are a great option for the soft bones in a baby’s foot. As they are not attached to the leggings, the fabric does not get pulled up against the feet as the child is held, or moves. Look at the feet of a baby in full body stretch and grow as it is held by an adult. The toes will be squashed in the suit as the fabric rides up. Baby’s bones are very soft and this is not an ideal way for the feet to grow.

Cosy Toes merino wool baby socks(copy)

Natural fibres are best and the long socks are hard for the baby to kick off. So feet stay warm and can grow without restrictions.

Tessa Grigg (B. Ed, Sensory Motor Specialist) from Tessarose Productions endorses socks for babies.

When my son was a baby I looked everywhere for long, natural fibre socks and I had to get a friend to knit them for me. It is great that these are now available. Thanks Tracey for meeting the need.

Written by guest Tessa Grigg.
Tessarose Productions



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