A Wool Blanket is a Perfect Gift

My Perfect Gift

When I was two years old, I received the most perfect gift from my Granny – 2 New Zealand wool blankets. I can’t remember un-wrapping my blankets and didn’t really appreciate anything about my blankets. But now, I’m older, wiser and a mother myself, I can see why those 2 blankets were the most perfect gift. My wool blankets have lasted all these years. They still look like new to this day and they still feel very soft. My blankets have wrapped themselves around me and kept me warm without a fuss. When I was a child our homes weren’t insulated and heated as well as our homes are today. I can remember ice on the inside of the windows in the morning, but I can't remember ever being cold in my bed.

Now I'm a Mum

Now my own boys, aged 11 and 8 are getting all the benefits of that perfect gift too which I received all those years ago. They each have one of my wool blankets on their single beds. They probably don’t appreciate them either really. But I now know just how those wool blankets have been so valuable to me and maybe they might one day too. By the way, these wool blankets are not aging, my boys should have them for their children one day too! That would make the blankets approximately 80 years old!

Wool blankets are value for money and last for years - I've got the proof. They may have cost my Granny a lot of money at the time, I'm not sure. But in the long run my Granny would be happy to know that they have been worth every cent.

My Granny was a sheep farmer’s wife and obviously knew the value these blankets would bring to my life for which now I’m so grateful and appreciate her perfect gift. So, thank you Granny for my perfect gift when I was only 2.

By Tracey



Have you received the perfect gift?
May says ...
That story was so beautiful and reflects the person you are - sharing and caring. I hope my little great grandson will treasure the blanket as well.