What's All The Fuss About Merino?

Merino is a natural fibre used in many types of clothing because of many beneficial properties. If you have a baby or child and would like to care for them and dress them in the best natural fibre in the world you should seriously take a look at these wonderful benefits that merino will provide. Once you buy your first clothing item for you or your baby or child you will want more and more items.

New Zealand merino is the most superior fiber in the world.

1. Merino wool is warm and comfortable. You can be assured you or your baby or child will be kept warm and comfortable wearing merino. Merino is an insulator and will hold the body's heat. It allows your skin to breath naturally so doesn't encourage sweating. Merino Wool is the perfect fibre for babies because at a young age the body hasn't learned to regulate heat very well and so a baby can be prone to over- heating in synthetics.

Merino is the perfect fibre to wear for all seasons of the year.

2. Merino naturally absorbs moisture. Merino Wool has a unique ability to absorb up to three times its own weight in moisture, drawing the moisture away from the skin without feeling damp. And we all know how many times a child will walk right through a puddle instead of avoiding one!

3. Merino has safety aspects. It is naturally flame resistant. It won't burn so is extremely safe to wear.

4. Merino wool is tough and easy-care being fully machine washable. Merino Wool's warmth will actually increase with washing. Just a caution though we say machine washable but it is best to treat your garments with care. On a delicate cycle is best and using an approved wool wash detergent is even better that does not contain enzymes. When you buy a garment always check the care label.

5. Merino is non-prickly. Wool once upon a time had a reputation of being scratchy to wear but today merino is chosen for the majority of wool clothing. Merino fibres are very fine and soft.

6. Merino is naturally stain resistant. Wool actually repels dirt. Now if you think about this what a bonus for a child to be wearing a stain resistant item of clothing. Yes its true - the natural properties of wool makes it resistant to stain so an item of clothing doesn't need to be washed as much. The natural fibre of merino wool is a mother's best friend. Unlike synthetic clothing which absorbs dirt and stains.

7. Merino is lightweight and versatile. The clothing items made from merino are not bulky items to wear but at the same time still have all the wonderful properties even though the garment is lightweight. Merino is versatile and a number of clothing items are made from the fiber including; hats, scarves, socks, vests, singlets, pants, trousers, under wear and tops.

8. Merino doesn't wrinkle. There will never be a need for an iron! The natural properties of wool bounces back to its original state.

9. Merino is resistant to static. This is another natural property of wool. Merino clothing will never contain static electricity.

10. Merino is tough and will last and last. Wouldn't it be great if you could pass your merino clothing down through all your children? So therefore it has to save you money in the long run.

11. Merino is great for the environment. Merino is biodegradable and sustainable. At the end of its life wool will break down in soil. Sheep need their wool shorn (which is just like cutting your hair) for their health. So wool is naturally produced and here to stay.

And by the way it's very easy to care for - here's 10 tips to keep your merino clothing looking new.