Lanolin and the Benefits For Your Skin

Lanolin is a natural wool wax or wool grease that extracted from the wool of sheep.Cosy Toes Lanolin Body Lotion
After the process of shearing a sheep of its wool the lanolin is extracted from the wool. The wool is soaked and the lanolin oil rises to the surface. The lanolin is then skimmed off and then refined to remove all the impurities.

The role of lanolin in nature is to protect wool and skin against the ravages of the climate and the environment. Lanolin oil is very similar oil to that of the oil of humans so lanolin skin care products makes them an ideal to use on our skin.

Lanolin is a renewable resource as it is obtained from the wool. There is no cruelty to the sheep while obtaining lanolin.

The benefits of using lanolin for the skin are many. Shepherds, wool handlers and shearers are well known for having soft supple hands because of working and handling of wool. Lanolin skin care products are recommended for all types of skin as well as those that suffer from the effects of eczema and dermatitis, skin effected from diabetes, dry sensitive skin, cracked dry hands, fingers and feet.

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