Christmas Decorations Made from Wool

Mini Christmas Stocking Decoration.

Cosy Toes Christmas gift to you is this
easy pattern to make a miniwoolchristmasstockingsdelightful mini Christmas stocking decoration using wool.


  • 4mm knitting needles.
  • Double knit (8ply) wool for the main colour. - I used red. You don't need much wool - just use left overs is ideal.
  • Double knit (8ply) wool for the stocking top and loop - I used white.
  • Sewing needle.

    Here's what you do:

    Abbreviations: K = Knit, P = Pearl, KFB = Knit into the front and     back, TOG = Together.
    Start at the foot of the stocking. Cast on 18 stitches in main colour (red).
  1. P (18)
  2. (KFB) x 18 (36)
  3. P (36)
  4. K (36)
  5. P (36)
  6. K (36)
  7. P (36)
  8. K (36)
  9. P (36)
  10. K10, (K2TOG) x 8, K10 (28)
  11. P (28)
  12. K10, (K2TOG) x 4, K10 (24)
  13. P (24)
  14. K10, (K2TOG) x 2, K10 (22)
  15. P (22)
  16. K (22)
  17. P (22)
  18. K (22)
  19. P (22)
  20. K (22)
  21. P (22)
  22. K (22)
  23. P (22)
  24. Change to white wool at the beginning of this row: P (22)
  25. K (22)
  26. P (22)
  27. P (22)
  28. P (22)
  29. (K1, P1) x 11 (22)
  30. (P1, K1) x 11 (22)
  31. (K1, P1) x 11 (22)
  32. (P1, K1) x 11 (22)
  33. (K1, P1) x 11 (22)
(P1, K1) x 11 (22)

Cast off all stitches in pattern (K1, P1).

To make the stocking, fold the knitted piece in half lengthwise to make the stocking shape, and sew the sides together, and cast on edges at the bottom of the stocking. Fold over the top edge to finish the stocking.
To make the stocking loop, I just got three lengths of white wool approximately 20 cms in length each and plaited them to the desired length. Sew the cords ends inside the stocking to make a loop.

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Pompom Bauble Made from Wool.

An easy little project for children.woolpompom


Card, wool and scissors.

Here's what you do:
  1. Cut two circles from the card and cut a circle from the middle of each one, giving you two indentical donut shapes.
  2. Lay the card circles on top of one another.
  3. Wrap the yarn around the circles, passing through the middle hole. Keep going until all the card is covered and the middle hold is nearly closed up.
  4. Pushing the point of your scissors along the edge of the circle, snip the wool all the way around. Ease the card circles apart slightly. Tie a piece of wool around the middle of the wool, pulling it tight between the card circles. Leave the ends of the wool long so you can hang them to hang the pompom on the tree.
  5. Remove the card circles.

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Do you like to get crafty around Christmas time? Please share your ideas.