Great Socks versus Bad Socks

There is a difference between socks, some are great and some are bad. Bad, terrible, poor quality and down-right ugly! There is nothing right about seeing a big toe poking out the end of a sock.

So what’s so wrong about a bad sock?

Bad socks don’t last and don’t hold their shape.

Buy socks that have a lycra core for strength. The lycra will also help to retain the shape.

Bad socks can make your feet sweat and smell.

Buy a quality sock that contains merino wool. Merino wool will allow the foot to naturally breathe and absorb moisture away from the skin. Socks made from man-made fibres (synthetic or nylon) absorb sweat and therefore your feet may stay to smell as well.

Bad socks will slip down on your foot and leg.

Buy socks that are the correct size for your foot. Go by the socks shoe size – not by age. Great socks have elastic built in around the foot or up the leg so they won’t allow them to slip down as easy.

Bad socks are uncomfortable.

Buy socks that have terry loops built into the inside of the foot and leg. These loops make the socks thicker and give the foot more cushioning. Socks that contain lycra and elastic will help shape the socks to your feet making them more comfortable.

Bad socks get holes in the toes and foot very quickly.

Buy socks that are made from a good quality fibre like merino. Merino is a very strong, natural fibre. Look for a sock with a nicely finished toe seam across the top of the sock and socks that have a Y heel built into them.

Bad socks don’t keep your feet warm.

Socks made from man-made fibres can actually make your feet colder because your feet might be sweating and then cooling down. So buy merino socks as it is a naturally warm fibre.

Bad socks are hard to keep looking new and clean.

Some materials actually absorb dirt into the yarn. Socks made from merino will naturally repel dirt and actually don’t need to be washed as often as other types of socks. 

Bad socks will waste your money.

If you buy good quality socks they will last longer and you may even be able to hand your socks down through your children. You won't need to buy so many pairs. Great socks might be a little more expensive to begin with but they will be better value for money in the long run because they will last so much longer.