From Farm to Yarn with Skeinz. is a unique yarn and fibre retailer because we manufacture almost everything that we sell onsite at our Napier Mill.
Skeinz is the retail face of Design Spun Ltd, a worsted spinning mill based in the heart of the New Zealand wool industry, Napier.  Design Spun has been spinning since 1994 & has survived the move to cheap Asian imports to be just one of two worsted spinning mills still making hand knitting yarns in New Zealand. 
Natural fibres, and especially wool are the cornerstone of the yarns spun & sold by Skeinz.  From robust warm crossbred yarns to single origin, single breed fibres, you’ll find them all at Skeinz.  All are spun and dyed on site, to a rainbow of vibrant colours to earthy hanks & contemporary shades.  Skeinz is also the largest supplier of Naked yarns to independent yarn dyers & artisans.  Sold is smaller bundles instead of contract spin batches, this enables the vibrant bespoke fibre community a constant supply of top quality yarns from New Zealand in smaller chunks to suit their business needs.
The online store has been operating since 2009, in a response to a wave of small local yarn store closures around New Zealand.  A need for top quality locally grown & produced yarns that didn’t cost the earth was the catalyst needed for the then Knitters Factory shop to complete a metamorphosis into  Now Skeinz send yarns all around New Zealand and the world & are a proud member of the Campaign for Wool NZ.
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