Should I Swaddle or Wrap My Baby?

Should I Swaddle or Wrap My Baby Cosy Toes Blog-337Swaddling or wrapping has been done for centuries to help calm and comfort a baby.

You don’t have to swaddle your baby but it could be an option to try if you are finding that your baby is hard to get to sleep or wakes easily once they are asleep or they sleep for a short amount of time or just if your baby needs some extra comfort.

Swaddling means to wrap your baby in a cloth which keeps their arms close by their body and makes them feel safe and secure. New-born babies can sometimes startle themselves awake and so swaddling will prevent baby doing this. It is said it reminds babies of being back in the womb and is a feeling of being cuddled close by.

Muslin wraps that are a good size (120 x 120 cms) are a very popular choice for sleep time but you can also use a natural shawl in the day time for feeding and cuddles.

The important thing to remember for your baby’s safety is to make sure the cloth does not cover the baby's face and all corners are tucked in. It’s normal to wrap baby firmly but not overly tight. Just see what your baby prefers.

Once a baby can roll and move around by themselves it is a good idea to stop swaddling as the cloth can end up over the face.

If you are not sure about swaddling get advice from a professional like your midwife or plunket and always use your common sense. Or ask your Mum!

Did swaddling your baby make your life easier?