What Is A Micron Of Wool?

A micron is the measurement of the diameter of a wool fibre.

A lower micron number means a finer fibre. Merino wool is the finest and usually measures anything from 15 to 25 microns but can still be finer. Other wool varies in micron and this depends on the breed of the sheep, the health and age of the sheep. Lambs wool is another finer wool but shorter in length than an adult sheep’s wool.

So how does a micron relate to merino clothing?

The finer the wool micron means the garment is lighter weight to wear. For example a garment with a lower micron measurement is ideal for underwear and wearing directly next to the skin.  A merino garment with a higher micron is slightly heavier and thicker ideal for an outer wear garment like a jumper for example.

New Zealand and fine wool.

New Zealand proudly has the finest merino wool in the world. New Zealand’s breeder of fine wool, Anna Emmerson produces the world’s finest wool that was measured as low as 10.9 microns. The wool was described as “fibres being so fine they are like strands of cobwebs and the crimp of the wool was barely  visible to the naked eye”.




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