Female Farming Partner

That real sense of community…if anything needs to be done, the community is very self reliant, we don’t wait for someone else to come in and do it for us, e.g. community facilities etc., we just get on and do it!
It’s that old fashioned ‘neighbourhood’ thing too really. You always look out for your neighbours and others in the community.

Farming is a great way to bring up a family, everyone works closely together, the family spend more time together and have a common interest or bond, rather than working in completely separate worlds, and coming home at night.

It gives the kids a great understanding of how life works, through  the seasonal jobs on the farm, i.e. putting the rams out, scanning, lambing, weaning etc. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn a good work ethic,  earn good pocket money, and build up a really useful set of skills in all sorts of fields. Farming is a  healthy, active lifestyle, time is not spent sitting around playing video games.

Smaller rural schools teach tolerance of different age groups and a necessity for kids to master the ability to work on their own in a classroom situation. The school community is very close knit, and inclusive of the wider community and there is greater parent involvement, as parental support is always needed to get the kids places.

Our children all went to Boarding school for their secondary education, where they made great friends from all over the place, had awesome opportunities, then carried on to university to do Ag related degrees, so they must have enjoyed what they did as kids!!

It’s a real privilege to live in rural Central Otago, one of NZ’s most iconic wide open spaces, and we get lots of opportunity to enjoy that privilege every day.

I am the traditional ‘farmers wife’ I guess. I firmly believe it is an occupation in itself, not just an ordinary ‘housewife or ‘stay at home mum’!! Sadly, it doesn’t seem to get recognition for that though.
I work on the farm (alongside my husband), do the books, feed the shearers and anyone else who happens to be around etc. I’m heavily involved in local community stuff, the local Hall Committee, RWNZ etc. Our kids are all in their 20’s now, but when they were younger, we were involved in all the sports teams, my husband did BOT, I did school PTA, Plunket, Toy Library etc. A very full and busy life.
I also now enjoy working part time at a local café.

by Gill.



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