Baby Sleep – Tips For a Better Sleep Using Merino Wool.

An average new-born baby needs approximately sixteen hours of sleep spread in intervals over one day and night. As an adult we need an average of approximately eight hours a night and that equates to just over one third of our lifetime! If our babies and children don't get that required amount, lack of sleep can interrupt routine, upset behaviours and can lead to health conditions. The same goes for adults but on a more adult scale.

If your baby or child (or you) are not sleeping well have you ever thought that the reason could be that they are not in the best environment for sleep? For centuries parents have been sleeping their babies in the natural fibres of wool to keep them warm and comfortable. Predominantly merino wool is the type of wool used for most of the suggestions below. Of course the health and safety of your baby is also important in the sleeping environment too.

By simply sleeping your baby in the natural properties that merino wool provides could make all the difference to a good quality sleep. There is now scientific evidence that sleeping on or under wool improves the quality of sleep.

Here are the reasons why using a blanket, sleeping bag, mattress, wrap, or an underlay all made from merino wool may work to get your baby or child to sleep more soundly, sleep for longer, and wake up less:

  • Merino wool has natural temperature properties. Babies don't regulate their body heat very well when they are young so therefore a baby is more prone to heat lose. Wool has natural temperature properties and assists the body naturally to regulate body heat. A baby can be prone to overheating when sleeping in synthetics. Wool will provide an even warmth.

  • Merino wool has natural moisture properties. Wool can stop the bed becoming clammy as it assists with regulating body temperature. It is a naturally "breathable" fibre which will help with a more comfortable and safe sleep.

  • Merino wool is soft and comfortable against young baby skin. This is due to the fineness of the fibres that it provides. It is not scratchy.

  • Merino wool is a mother's best friend. Wool is naturally odour and dirt resistant. Therefore wool will require a lot less washing. If your wool garment does need washing wool is machine washable (always check the label) and also dry's very quickly.

  • Merino wool has safety aspects. Wool is fire resistant and will not burn and is a great fibre for nightwear for baby's as it is extremely safe.

  • Merino wool is healthy for your baby. In a recent scientific study weight gain in underweight new-borns was 61% higher when sleeping on a wool underlay compared to a cotton sheet. Jaundiced babies were more settled when sleeping on wool.

  • Merino wool is a natural product which provides a more natural and safe sleeping environment. Wool is renewable and biodegradable.

A sleeping baby is a happy and healthy baby.

In turn a sleeping baby makes all our lives easier. So if this is not happening in your house why not make some simple changes to wool bedding today?




Does your baby sleep well? Please share your tips and advice on baby sleep?