Cows, Sheep, Dogs and Chicken’s to Feed

It’s great to be out away from the smog and pollution to be amongst the farm animal smells! The kids have paddocks to run around in, ride the motor bike and kick balls in without breaking any of my windows! With cows, sheep, dogs and chickens to feed, the kids have plenty to keep them out of trouble. They get given responsibilities to teach them independence. They want to be be warm during winter - there are pine cones to collect and firewood to cart. Want to be fed - the animals need to be fed so they produce for us. With the extra space we have the extra large vege garden, so extra weeds to pull and veg plants to attend to!

I wear many hats - Mum of two, cook and house cleaner, gardener, help at school, feed out in winter, oh and a graphic designer! You know how it goes!

By Raewyn.



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