10 Tips to Stop Losing Socks

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Have you heard about The Sock Monster? Well no doubt he lives at your place too and most homes will have one - hiding!  We buy a pair of socks and pretty soon there is only one of the socks left.

Here are 10 tips to stop loosing socks that our customers kindly shared with me:

  1. When your children take their socks off , get them to put the socks in their pockets.
  2. I keep all my odd socks in the bottom of the laundry basket so when I fold the washing there is always a hope of finding a pair.
  3. Keep a regular eye on the lost property at school! - Shannon.
  4. I hang the socks on the line in pairs, so I quickly know when one is missing. If the boys take their shoes and socks off I get them to put one in each shoe - Amanda.
  5. I buy three pairs of the same socks and hope that I still end up with a pair. My boys just can't keep away from the sock monster!! - Kara.
  6. Buy them all the same colour and then the sock monster won't get any satisfaction from stealing socks at your house and you won't be even slightly stressed about it - Jeanna.
  7. From birth, encourage your kids individuality and put them in odd socks. Keep all the socks for the household in one big bucket or basket and people just go there and pick two socks for the day - doesn't matter if one is purple and one is green or if one is long and one is short. Beat the sock monster by NEVER wearing matching socks! - Jeanna
  8. Ask the family to always roll socks together when they take them off; then separate them and put in a special net bag in the washing machine - the SM can't get at them then! - Frances.
  9. Our sock monster hasn't been too hungry so far, but especially the little kid's socks are hard to keep track of. I usually put them in one of those mesh-washing bags that zip up so they don't get lost in the washing machine. If you put them back in there when taking them of the drying line, they'll stay together too instead of disappearing in the depths of the washing basket :-) - Kerstin
  10. I now wash my socks in a laundry bag. At least that gets them safely through the wash and onto the line in a PAIR!!!! - Bianca.
What would you add to the list?



Have you got any advice to share?