The Importance of Keeping Baby Warm

Every baby should have and wear a warm hat. merino baby hat
It has been said that a human can lose 75% of their body heat through their head. But some scientists are now not agreeing with this claim anymore saying it is more like 10%.
Whatever is right or wrong, I know I feel warmer and better on a freezing cold day wearing a hat than not one at all. I especially like my hat to come over my ears. Cold winds can cause the ears to ache and if immunity is low anyway an infection that may be starting in the nose or throat can quickly turn to infection in the ears as these three are closely linked. A baby can’t speak to you and tell you that their ears, nose or throat is hurting. Usually the way they will tell us is by being unsettled, crying or having a fever. Which is not a nice scenario for you or your baby.
It is important to dress your baby in warm clothing. Babies can’t shiver and regulate their body temperature like we can. As well as keeping them warm it is also important not to over-heat a baby. It can take practise to get this right but a good rule of thumb is to put one more layer of clothing on the baby than you have on yourself. If a baby is cold it may have an effect on how they sleep and grow. A baby will use up body fat rather than shiver and this can interfere with normal body growth.
My personal opinion is to avoid dressing or sleeping your baby in any materials other than natural, breathable fibres as synthetic clothing and bedding can lead the baby to over-heating. Merino wool has natural temperature properties and makes for a highly favourable fibre to wear and sleep in.
By simply keeping your baby warm by dressing and sleeping your baby in merino wool will lead to a happy and healthy, growing little person.