Enciel by The New Zealand Sock Company

Enciel Colour Facts:
  • A new range of brilliant wool colour.
  • In line with current fashion trend for bright colours,
  • Merino becomes colourful for the summer season.
  • Merino wool now available in brilliant white.
  • Can be blended with synthetic fibres.
  • Excellent colourfastness and wash durability.
  • The touch of the wool is not affected.
  • Bluesign certified.
  • Machine washable thanks to EXP 3.0

Brilliant Colours

Merino wool is very popular for use in socks, functional wear and outdoor clothing and it is celebrated for its quality, comfort and versatility. But until now, it has had one major disadvantage in comparison to synthetic fibres and cotton - its lack of brilliant colours.

Thanks to Enciel by Schoeller, the spectrum of bright colours available for Merino wool is now significantly broader. This ground breaking technology brings new brilliance and colour to the wool. Whether you're looking for bold colours that are usually only available in cotton or fantastic white - Enciel is the solution, and is paying the way for new design ideas featuring eye-catching colour combinations, maritime stripes, vibrant socks and high functional seamless shirts.

The colour fastness and wash durability of Schoeller's products are outstanding. The highly innovative EXP 3.0 process enables environmentally friendly washing and ensures that Enciel products are easy to care for, while also bringing out the brilliance of the colours. All yarns and colours shown here are Bluesign certified.


The Bluesign approved fabric label designates textiles that were produced in compliance with especially high environmental standards. It guarantees maximum freedom from harmful substances, highest quality and functionality. The label is a sign that follows the most stringent EHS - criteria (consumer safety, water emission, air emission, occupational health and safety, resource productivity) worldwide.
The Bluesign standard takes a different approach. Instead of analysing final products, it starts at the beginning of the manufacturing chain, at the inputs. All input streams are assessed. They receive a rating based on their eco-toxicoloigical  profile (input stream management). Bluesign stands for textiles low on harmful substances, an environmentally friendly production and a cautious use of resources.

EXP 3.0

Machine washable, Chlorine free, AOX free.

Enciel Merino Wool Socks range:

Merino Wool performance sport socks.

Merino Wool knee high women's fashion socks.

Merino Wool red socks.